Double-sided foam tapes

Double-sided foam adhesive tapes consist of a foam carrier, which is coated on both sides with adhesive.

You can choose between PE-, PVC-, PU or PE/EVA-foam as carrier material, which determine in combination with acrylic or rubber and their modifications the technical characteristics and performance of the foam tape.

Depending on the combination of carrier foam and adhesive, the products are suitable for various applications like fixation, mounting, connecting or padding.

Due to their thicker foam carrier, compared to common double-sided adhesive tapes, rough or uneven surface structures and gap tolerances can be better compensated. Simultaneously, the foam adhesive tape seals and damps vibrations. PE foam adhesive tapes are in the field of bonding mirrors due to their high adhesion established, while the UV and weather resistant variants with acrylic adhesive are used for outdoor applications.

The application possibilities for double-sided foam adhesive tapes are extended because of the new tesa products with PE/ EVA foam carrier. Applications, where the reduced stress of the conventional double-sided foam tapes required special tapes, can now be partially solved by these tesafix products.