Single-sided PE and PVC foam adhesive tapes

Single-sided foam tapes

Single-sided foam adhesive tapes are suitable for watertight, airtight, dust- and draught-tight sealing, as well as for cushioning, protecting and vibration damping. PVC foams from the British company Scapa are also suited for external use, because of their UV resistance, weather resistance and acrylic adhesive. They are available in various Shore-hardness’s, some provide characteristics like neoprene and are as a variant with a fixed PE-Liner clean to reopen. Scapa PE-foam products are most suitable for indoor used watertight and airtight seals without UV exposure. As the PVC qualities, the PE variants are as well available in various thicknesses.

Single-sided EPDM-foam adhesive tapes

Nitto EPDM foam adhesive tapes are in various densities and cell-closed/ -semi-closed variants available. In addition, we offer various types of adhesives to adapt the product perfectly to the application surface. Nitto EPDM foams are high-quality, watertight and temperature resistant seals, applicable for excellent noise and vibration damping and has been well established in many applications in the automotive industry.

Pre-compressed sealing tape

Vorkomprimierte Fugendichtbänder nach BG1 zur Pre-compressed sealing tapes with BG1 standard, to seal joints and connections off driving rain, are available in grey and black. PU foam is impregnated, UV and weather resistant, resistant up to 600 Pa driving rain and therefore suitable for highly stressed primary and cross - joints.
The foam expands thus the pre-compression after installation, adapts to uneven surfaces and ensures clean final seals. Thereby are pre-compressed sealing tapes universally used for window-, metal-, wood- and container construction.