High-performance adhesive tapes

Screwing, rivetting, clipsing, spot welding – high-performance adhesive tapes offer alternatives to mechanical fastening systems and liquid adhesives.

Because of their viscoelastic properties, high-performance adhesive tapes offer the opportunity to replace mechanical connections under certain conditions – safe, reliable and efficient.

Stresses and forces, which are caused by different thermal expansions, can be absorbed by expansion due to their special conception of viscoelastic adhesive.

High-performance adhesive tapes are suitable for durable, stress-free bonding of different materials due to their very high internal resistance.

We’d be more than happy to advise you during your selection process. We will find a suitable solution for your application – for example a 3M VHB-adhesive tape, a product of the Nitto Hyperjoint-series or another suitable product for your application.